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There are different types of scales . Most common in the organizational and psychological research received nominal, ordinal and interval scales . First performs the function classification , the second comparison function ranking . Interval scale is used to measure the intensity of the studied organizational and psychological traits establish distances between their manifestations. For each type of characteristic scales certain statistical operation and information processing methods . After the analysis and synthesis researcher gets the opportunity to go to the validation of the initial hypothesis and the final formulation installed ( new ) facts or relationships In the case of validation of the hypothesis and the findings of fact and relationships prior ( hypothetical ) explanation of the problem gets scientific validity , and researcher has the right to make recommendations to deal with it, ie, he is able to not only explain the problem , but also to predict its further development. According to research compiled a report which analyzes the data , conclusions and generalizations. Presentation of the material in the report depends on the type of research ( basic or applied ) , the purpose of his conduct and of one for whom it is intended. Thus , scientific research involves the following eight steps: 1. Statement of the problem or problem definition . 2 . A preliminary analysis of the available information, the conditions of application of theoretical models and methods that can solve the selection problem. 3 . Formulation of hypotheses. 4 . Planning and organization of the experiment. 5 . Analysis and generalization of the results. 6. Checking the initial hypothesis on the basis of the results obtained and the final wording of new facts or relationships. 7. Explanation (decision ) problems and predicting its future development. 8. Preparation of a report on the study . Do not underestimate any of the above stages of research , starting with the problem statement and ending with the drafting of the report. Organizational psychologist must be well prepared methodically

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