HOTEL del Magentino Abbiatense
Stumbling block for many scientific fields is significant isolation of fundamental knowledge and practice. It usually takes several years before the results of theoretical research are a guide to practical action . In organizational psychology, there is another problem - the process of transforming theory into practice is too fast , and management practices not quite get the concept of mature and recommendations. This is due in particular to the fact that organizational psychology - is not only a scientific field , but also a system of psychological technologies . Some focused primarily on practice researchers see in organizational psychology primarily a system of methods to improve the organization to improve its performance . The task of scientists often boils down to is to offer services and practical advice on leadership training , engineering jobs , performance evaluation , development of incentive programs and other psychological techniques . As with any product , services of psychologists need advertising and beautiful packaging , and often supply them with bright labels that do not always reflect their true quality and reliability. In other words , wanting to sell their services , organizational psychology professionals often promise too much and thereby undermine its prestige . These costs can be minimized by only one means : strict adherence to the scientific method. However , when talking about the use of the scientific method , there are often concerns that an impartial scientific pedantry is not compatible with the sincere and considerate towards people . In this case, such concerns certainly groundless , as organizational psychology clearly dominates humanistic approach . Its most important task is to establish a scientific basis for the design environment , providing not only the efficiency of the organization , but also the development and fulfillment of individuals. However, this humanism "without touching tears" , as this science is equally focused on performance as an economic indicator , and to create favorable conditions for work and personal development of all members of the organization . It should be noted that the contribution of organizational psychology today is largely based on the denial of the usual . Until now, researchers have been more successful in redefining and proof of insolvency or failure of traditional ideas about behavior in organizations. Much more modest, in my opinion, is "positive" contribution to organizational psychology , ie, contribute to the creation of new, alternative concepts.

Hotel Excelsior
Via Cattaneo - Magenta
tel. 0297298651


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