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We can not deny that much of the patterns identified organizational psychology, is not obtained from the study of the essence of phenomena , as in physics or chemistry , and produces people who can observe , think, feel , evaluate ... Early psychological studies were based on introspection , ie, look inside yourself and describing their feelings , perceptions , etc. However, it is not the best way to obtain valid and reliable psychological knowledge as introspection has no objective evidence . Based on his personal experiences , the researcher does not have the ability to judge what other people feel . Even if two people describe the same phenomenon in exactly the same form, it can not serve as proof that these people are equally perceive what they see. Introspection , or verbal description of the internal , psychological phenomena , is often used in studies of organizational psychology , but to comply with the principle of scientific data , these must be supported by current or subsequent behavior of people . Since human behavior is the main subject of research organizational psychologists , they are faced with a problem which is not peculiar , for example, physics. This problem of variability of human performance. Physicist examining friction cast block may measure the time during which it slides on the inclined plane. And although the timing values ??may be different samples , variability is extremely small . Therefore, the physicist can not giving it serious attention , use the average value of several samples. Same psychologist who wants to measure the reaction time of the test , press a button in response to the tone , make a big mistake if will ignore variability reactions. We can hardly assume that cast iron block slipped a bit slower on a sloping surface , because he was not ready , thinking of something else or just dead tired . We can not explain it to accelerate the effect of learning or desire to be helpful to the experimenter. However, these and many other reasons may well be present in experiments with people with significant influence on the results . We are confronted not only with variability "within" the subject , but with even greater variability between different people . Physicist can easily use his experiment identical cast iron block of the same shape , size, weight and surface quality . And he can easily exactly replicate experiment and its results. But no psychologist can " repeat " of his subject. Even identical twins have the same genetic code , perceive and experience different environments.

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