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On the collective nature of a common goal , apparently , we can speak only at the level of unstructured small groups when the overall goal is not formed yet . At this stage we can discuss various directions for future joint activities. However, if each member of the group will defend the dignity of their individual goals and stubbornly offer it as a general purpose , great sense of such joint ventures will not work. Someone let the most attractive , individual goal in itself can not become resistant reference other people's behavior . Even if we are agitated or eloquent justification of any purpose to convince others of its appeal , their inspiration and passion are unlikely to be prolonged. Neither sublime nobility nor rationality nor the profitability of one's individual goals can not do it all the time for significant others, and even more so - to make their day-to- day follow. Ultimately, their own individual goals and dreams for any person , as a rule , is more important than the most ingenious plans of others. What is the organizational and psychological mechanism of transformation of individual goals in a common goal ? To be a common goal , individual goal one or more people should gain a sustainable advantage over those of other people. This is possible only if the target of one of the individuals is based on a force or process that can ensure its supremacy . If this force is absent , the most productive goal has little chance to stand out from the set of mediocre goals. Conversely, the most absurd idea can casually put aside a lot of great plans , if it is based on the organizational process , providing its supremacy . Process that can give any individual status of shared purpose and make it the subject of carrier sheathe organizational goals , ultimately , is the main condition for the establishment of the organization. Organizational power as the basic organizational and psychological process Process that allows you to enable basic psychological contradiction organization and unite divergent aspirations of members of the general flow is the organizational power. Organizational power - the process of using different organizational resources (material, structural, functional , informational, psychological , etc. ) for the purposes of changing the behavior of employees in a given direction , even if it is contrary to their interests , desires or beliefs. It is important to emphasize once again that without the power of the organization can not exist as a single , productive community . Even the most democratic organization (if it is not on the verge of collapse )

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